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so....after a week or so of a boy being extremely flirty and super cute, we go on a date. fun things happen.
Then we see each other the next night, with all of our mutual friends, where he's still being cute and flirty around me. Until one of our friends steals his seat and tries to establish dominance as a friend(who hopes to become a bf but that's another tale of drama for another day)

day after that, we're still texting each other, still flirty. I performing at a show and he was suggesting not so subtly that i should ditch that and see him...I'm doing a show: I'm not leaving that but suggest he can come hang out with me and my comedy friends. no response. then I get a 330am i get a one word text "tisk" (wha?) I'm asleep so I don't see it til 7am the next morning.

ask him how his evening went yesterday and nada...not a thing....


so what happened here??? seriously! UGH!

had to get this out in written form to make SOME sense of still doesn't make any sense....


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so...its been awhile....i know. too much of everything and nothing has been going on at the same time. my agent finally got a hold of me for the first time in....months? I honestly can't remember.
Work has been altered...severely. I'm one of the few who made the cut, let's say...tough times.

things will be weird for a bit, but I supposed change is good.
it will be a new challenge and, apparently, I'm told I'm up for it. we go....

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so, I get to travel for work to the VERY glamourous Thunder Bay Ontario!
at least all my expenses will be paid. I have a feeling though that my co-workers are going to be surprised that I don't want to go clubbing there and am pretty quiet. I'm making sure to bring a few comic books to read just in case I can't sleep.

In other Pixie news(since my facebook doesn't reveal much of my personal life): I have a boyfriend. Its been a while, I know. I'm dating a nerd, but a great nerd. Hopefully this cheeriness doesn't affect my cranky comedy....

I'll be doing more shows once I get back. I really really feel the performer's itch right now. So I'll be time to hit the stage soon.
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i haven't been out dancing in what seems like forever. all this sunshine and warm weather is having this odd positive effect on me...
and i've been convinced to get a little dressed up, which i never do for others, just for myself
tonight could be very interesting indeed
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Ive been doing a lot of bitching on here about changes and changing.
I made one minor change, but its one in the right direction: I quit the Phoenix...for real this time. At the end of this coat-check season, I am done. Its not worth the verbal abuse and lack of Saturday nights and good night's of sleep.

Other changes still need to happen, time for me to start treating myself better.

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This has been a fun/crazy birthday month/few weeks...
Although I still look 15, I'm not feeling like it any more. Maybe its the getting up for work at 6am everyday. Maybe.

Somethings really need to change in my life, better things so that I can move on in some ways.

There is definitely some writing that needs to be done. Coffee shops don't help, too many distracting sounds.
my place doesn't work, too much Kitten around.
So far one of my bigger inspirations for writing has been hanging out with girlfriends, something I haven't had in a really really long time. So many weird things come up that for me, its comedy gold. I obviously can't use all of it, as they are personal stories and I only like to exploit my own misfortunes for my work.

I seriously need to move...I know I've said it before, but I really really need to.

ok I'm done complaining? Is that what I was doing? because it wasn't quite venting per se....

(no subject) birthday just took a very paranoid, ugly, scary turn....

someone i've told to leave me alone, that i want nothing to do with just sent me flowers for my birthday.
although they are beautiful, i do not appreciate the gesture. he wants me to like him again, and i have zero intention of any of that...
and he got my age wrong....

but i'm having a mini panic attack right now...hopefully this pizza will make it better
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Late Nights/No Booze

Here's a convo I had with a dear and darling friend the other night. Usually, this would be drunk talk for most people...this is our sober talk

her: Chrrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiiisssss! Why is it so COLD OUT?!
me: Well, that's because its wintertime, the only cold time of the year.
her: Ok, yeah but why is it DARK OUT?!?!
me: Well, because it's night time dear. You see, the earth rotates around the sun...
her: Really?
me: Totally
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so Happy New Years everyone!
I'll more than likely be working (not more than likely, extremely likely...ok, definitely) at the Phoenix doing something or other...
This past year has been filled with highs and lows, let's just hope this new year comes with more highs than anything.
I'm not sure I've grown up at all this year, but I definitely have a different perspective on certain things. Priorities have changed, hopefully for the better....

i don't think the world will end at the 2012 winter solstice...just so you know. So I'm not rushing any decisions this year or rushing into anything....
I say that now....
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